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Weekly Offensive & Defensive Linemen Training Hosted By Coach Arpedge Rolle Of Five Star Linemen Academy x Big Dawg Football

Our offseason training program is meticulously designed to enhance the skills of athletes in grades 5th through 8th and grades 9th through 12th. Coach Rolle's proven methodologies focus on the intricacies of both offensive and defensive line play, offering a comprehensive curriculum that covers technique, agility, strength, and strategic understanding of the game.


Why Choose Five Star Linemen Academy x Big Dawg Football?

  • Expert Coaching: Benefit from the wisdom and guidance of Coach Arpedge Rolle, a linemen specialist with a proven track record of success in developing top-tier athletes.

  • Position-Specific Training: Our program tailors training to the unique demands of offensive and defensive line positions, ensuring targeted and effective skill development.

  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Covering everything from fundamental techniques to advanced strategies, our weekly sessions provide a holistic approach to lineman development.

  • Age-Appropriate Programs: We offer specialized training for two age groups (5th-8th and 9th-12th grades), recognizing the importance of age-appropriate coaching and skill progression.


About Coach Arpedge Rolle:


Coach Rolle is not only a linemen specialist but also the founder of Big Dawg Football, a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to the holistic development of young athletes. His commitment to excellence and passion for the game make Five Star Linemen Academy a standout choice for aspiring offensive and defensive linemen.


Embark on a transformative journey with Five Star Linemen Academy, where dedication meets expertise, and aspiring linemen evolve into gridiron stars. Join us in shaping the future of football's frontline play.


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