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Meet Your Coach, Arpedge "Big Dawg" Rolle

Coach Bio:

Coach Arpedge Rolle has been recognized as one of the best defensive line coaches over the course of his 18+ years of experience. He has played significant roles as Defensive Coordinator and defensive lines coach to win district, league, and section championship titles. He has coached several NFL/Pro, All Conference, All-American and All-League MVPs. His well coached defensive linemen have been and continue to be successful on the high school, collegiate and professional level. ​ Now, Coach Rolle has expanded his knowledge as a Pass Rush/Defensive Line Specialist to coach and support athletes and other respected coaches from varies states and countries.

Coach Arpedge "Big Dawg" Rolle

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53 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ REVIEWS

“"If you're serious about your craft and your career, truly none better than Five Star Linemen Academy!"”


Coach Lo Locust

“Since connecting and becoming a subscribed member of "The Dawg Pound" 4 years ago, my teaching philosophy has changed. Every drill, every technique is explained and taught down to a "T". I coach at a small school and 90% of the players coming into the program have never played youth football. Five Star Linemen Academy has helped me tremendously on how to teach my players about the game. From simplifying the technique to teach them about consistency. Every drills I've learned has been broken down by steps. From getting into your stance, escape moves, how to gain leverage on your opponent and be confident doing it.”

Coach Lee Afusia

“Coach Rolle is the man! If you want a great coach who can both teach and communicate his leaning points, this is where you want to go. Coach Rolle can breakdown technique and work on getting the most out of any player. Bottom line: you will get unparalleled training here from a coach that not only did it but can teach it.”

James Reid

“Coach Rolle is a standout linemen coach in the realm of football in my opinion. The knowledge that he possesses is unparalleled. His style is a cross between Bum Phillips and Mr. Miyagi. Coach Rolle has a high football IQ and literally the patience of Job (see the Bible if you don’t get this reference). Every session brings something new that allows your player to become better as a player and to excel on the field of play. If you can get sessions, I highly recommend Big Dawg Football for your young athletes. I cannot say enough good things about Coach Rolle or his program. He can take the highly skilled player, all the way down to the beginner level and make them even better. Do yourself and your player a favor, stop wondering what it would be like to be great and start doing what it takes to actually BE great. If your player has the determination, ability and mindset to do whatever it takes to achieve greatness through hard work, then this is the training and coaching program for you.”

Eric Judkins

“Loved working with Coach Big Dawg. I learned and can do so much now. From the warm ups to the drills, every movement had a purpose. He also explains the why, which it great for my learning style.”


Alex Williams

“Coach Rolle is very detailed and explains everything so both the parent and athlete understand. My son is part of the why generation.. and coach has all the answers to the whys and more. It has been a blessing meeting and training with Coach Rolle. If it wasn’t for him, our son wouldn’t have been given the tools he needed to play the game the way he has.”

Michael Avina

Big Dawg Football is a one-stop destination for defensive line coaching videos and training drills that helps coaches, players, and enthusiasts improve on their pass rush and run game skills.

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