What's Up Big Dawgs?! We are excited to be back in the LAB with another defensive line video tutorial. This time we are in the trenches working on slants. Slants in the game of football are weapons of penetration. They are effective because they are elements of surprise in the trenches of war. If slants are executed properly, they can cause complete chaos to an offensive scheme.

Most offensives are not designed for defensive linemen in their back field. If you want an offense to plan for more while you do less and invite an element of confusion. Incorporate slants and stunts within your defensive scheme. When an offensive coordinator can predict and anticipate your movement, your defensive front is at a disadvantage. Their movement is predictable and the offensive linemen are a step ahead. When you slant your defensive line, your defensive front becomes unpredictable in movement and the offensive line can become reactive instead which places them a step behind.

In this 20 minute video tutorial, we will break down how to slant an offensive linemen properly and effectively.  Grab your note pads and cleats Big Dawgs, meet me in the trenches, and LETS GO TO WORK! #TrenchKings