The offseason is an opportunity to develop and progress your skill, strength, and psychology of the game of football at the line of scrimmage. The first pillar of Five Star Linemen Academy is to “Teach the Mind”. Intellect lends itself to great development, which is why education at Big Dawg Football is a priority. We are going to teach you What to do, How to do it, Where to do it, When to do it, and Why you must do it. Knowing and understanding the game at the LOS will lead to great progress and success in the trenches. But it starts here, in the offseason with a will to work.

 Alignment To Assignment

 In this chapter, you will learn the names of all of the defensive line alignment techniques and the assignments that are tied to each technique. You will know the appropriate stances to each defensive line technique to assure success against the run given the attempted tasks and tendencies of the offense. You will learn how to keep power and position in a gap control defense. Your learning outcome is the full understanding and application of out leveraging the offensive linemen in front of you and maintaining that leverage during the duration of the play. As you learn and train with me this offseason, you will be stronger, you will be faster, and you will be skilled and smarter. YOU WILL BE BETTER!