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Are you looking for a precise and detailed off-season training plan that's going to drastically change your game?


Our Big Dawg Film Evaluation and Off-Season Recommendation Plan is going to provide you with the detailed training objectives that you need to ensure a productive and successful off-season.


For over 20 years, Coach Arpedge "Big Dawg" Rolle has used this player position-specific evaluation system to enhance and progress some of the best NFL/Pro, collegiate, and defensive linemen in the nation and even internationally. This complete breakdown of the athlete's technical execution, mental capacity, tactical comprehension, football IQ, and gameplay biomechanics has taken hundreds of linemen's games to the next level. Now it's your turn.


What You'll Get:


  • Game Film Detailed Breakdown (Highlight Film)
  • Video from Coach Rolle providing feedback on strengths and challenges.


Three main objectives will be provided to ensure necessary specific steps on what your off-season training should entail. Within those three objectives will be specific drills to develop specific skills, weight room recommended exercises that will enhance the power in your player, and film study offensive concepts that will increase your football intellect during the off-season.


Once you receive this detailed player-specific prescription and put it to work, we can guarantee that, as we have for many others, your game or your athlete's play on the field will change forever.


Downloadable Video: You'll receive your personalized evaluation and recommendation plan from Coach Rolle within 3-5 business days. Then it will be left up to you to watch and work! But, now you will know that your work will work!


For a full macrocycle defensive linemen strength and skill training program that is completely custom to your specific development, ask about our fully comprehensive training programs. Perfect for the Big Dawgs who can't make it out to Cali or Vegas to get work in person!


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